Thank you,once again, to all those who participated to help make this event a success.

Photo album for this year's tournamnet. ENJOY!!

Thank you to our sponsors this year for all the wonderful donations!

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Results for this year's tourney.

FINISHBoat  Team name# of FishBig FishWeightTracker Boat
110Bill Comer and Rodger Lugers6418.78y
217Andy Kennedy and Shawn Snoke64.2417.6 
315Jeff Speckman and Kurt Fledderjohan64.0615.6 
425Larry Everette and Larry Everet6010.9y
59Dave Helton and Brian Bowen6010.02 
642Bailem and Maynard609.44 
730Tony Christ and Kent Burris609.1 
827Jeff Grzeskowiak and Harry Grzeskowiak6-9.02y
933Rich Kinney and Rob Stachler608.22 
102Kurt and Wade Kinney608.2y
1139Troy Stockler and Bill Nahoney6y7.72y
1228Joe Davis and Richard Marker607.66 
1336Tom Kemper and Rick Duelon43.767.3y
1435Kelby Oakley and Terry Lynms5y7.06 
1526Charles Hill and Ashley Ingledge506.72 
1618Jim Alspaugh and Wendall Connolly406.32 
1716James D Brashear and James R Brashear42.546.16 
1813Brad Pearson and John Stahl406.08y
1923John Kohan and Eugene Wells406.04 
2040Terry Calumber and Bill Maynard505.98y
2124Tony Danues and Todd Gates5y5.56 
2232Jerry Whitehead and Jerraed Whitehead505.38y
236Lewis Pickering and Greg Vetler404.66y
2429Les Geiger and Buck Harmon404.54 
254Corbin and Brenda Williams4y4.48 
2612Leonard Minnich and Tim Sirch403.98y
2741Terry Armstrong and Ron Jennings403.92 
2811Jeremy Chassereau and Jimmy Perkins303.66 
2914Gerry Myers and Dave McCabe303.64 
308Doug Neely and Greg Fogt203.34 
3121Dwight Nichols and Shawn Dovell303.12y
327Bob Oliver and Tyler Kuhn203.04y
3320Jeff Reynolds and Shannon Layman302.64y
3437Bill Kern and Tom Recker202 
3534Larry Wooten and Larry Wooten1y1.28 
363Gary Thornbury and Francis000 
365David Graddock and Kevin Vereckey000 
361Tony and Mike Thornton y  
3619Ron Perkey and Lou Kutzera y  
3622Craig Duffey and Mike Duffey y  
3631Jeff Covault and Mark Hammond y y
3638Marc Wolf y